The Phil Gray Consulting team fully understand the challenges, frustrations and pressure you often encounter.

12 BIG reasons to join the Accelerate Program

We all agree it is invaluable to have experienced consultants to work alongside you and your dedicated team. We partner with your leadership, clarifying your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Together, we assist building your Picture of the Future while developing long term specific strategic plans to Achieve Accelerated Success. Your radio station can do this in partnership with Phil Gray Consulting through ongoing regular monthly consultation (our PGC Accelerate Program) and with other shorter campaigns and projects. This is how you build high performing teams within your media outlet. This is how you accelerate toward the level of success we often only dream of.

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Planning: We take every client through the vital planning stage that involves very detailed SWOT analysis identifying key areas of needed attention. We revisit or establish key strategic documentation that forms a comprehensive 3 year plan with clear KPI's for your operation. We would then develop relevant budgets to accompany the plan.
Our extensive experience in training leaders and staff combined with an excellent range of proven training products will generate outstanding results.
We will embark on revenue raising strategies that include increasing advertising sales, donations, membership and successful grants.
Development of formats, clocks structure, music selection, playlist structure & selection, news & community info, promotions, promotion systems, coaching of on-air talent, development & coordination of qualitative & quantitative research.
We will help develop a progressive plan that will see a diverse selection of tactics that will raise the stations profile and market share. In addition to this we can help corporate strategy, governance, leadership development, general business best practice, strategic reviews and evaluation, radio systems and processes.

Want to get more out of your team? The Accelerate Program provides our clients with ongoing regular consultation to build and enhance these key areas (the stations planning, people, profit, product, profile) that will position the station well for extraordinary growth. By receiving regular on-site visits and maintaining contact via email and phone, you and your station will gain strategy, mentoring and training. You'll benefit greatly from our wide range of industry specific knowledge and experience. You will get the most out of your team!

The PGC team will be available for advice and guidance as required via email and phone, set regular meetings via phone as required, and through regular face to face on site visits at your station with you and your team dependent on the Accelerate Program level you choose.

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