We provide a wealth of broadcast media (radio) industry knowledge, consultants (radio station consultant) who have the ability to help you further develop your product, systems and processes.

This invaluable industry consultation is complemented and compounded as we can also focus on your people (leadership & workforce development), we spend the much needed time building up your leadership team and enhance the team dynamic within your media organisation.

This 'People, Profit, Product, & Profile' BALANCE is unique to PGC.

Ask yourself - do your leaders really understand their staff and appreciate their strengths and weaknesses? Do they know how to get the most out of their team, ensuring they are fulfilled, empowered and engaged? Are you providing the ongoing training and development your team needs, deserves and is often desperate for? You know the answers, but perhaps need help getting different results that you really need for your company to remain competitive.

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Perhaps you have a high staff turn over, or are distracted with constantly retraining new staff? Tired of re-employing and re-establishing new staff into the team and market place... and the subsequent loss of income while doing so? These questions demand relevant and dynamic solutions!

Build your media brand effectively by engaging our experienced and expert consultants to target both your Product, Profit, Profile and your most valued asset, your People!

PGC provides consultation in five (5) key areas.
Plans: Developing solid strategic plans
People: Mentoring and coaching the leadership and workforce
Profits: Increasing sustainability and profitability
Product: Improving the product and talent
Profile: Raising the marketplace profile and visibility

During his 30+ years experience in the industry, Phil Gray has worked in every capacity within a radio station environment. Phil provides invaluable advice, guidance and coaching for clients. The first 10 years of his career was spent in programming and operations; the latter years in senior management capacities, with a passion for positive, effective and engaging content delivered by successful leaders and their creative teams.

Decades of experience: Commercial, Community, & International Broadcasting.

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