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Our primary focus is to accelerate the success of productivity and profitability of client organisations.

We accomplish this by introducing you and your team to a wide range of reliable, relevant and valid tools, reports and training to help individuals and teams grow and develop through offering deeper psychological insight. We come along-side your leadership to further develop their leadership style and capacity.

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We also bring a wealth of broadcast media (Radio) industry knowledge, consultants (consulting radio stations, radio station consultant) who have the ability to help you further develop your product, systems and processes. We can also fine tune your sales, fundraising and marketing strategies and so much more. This invaluable industry consultation is complemented and compounded as we can also focus on your people (leadership & workforce development), we spend the much needed time building up your leadership team and enhance the team dynamic within your media organisation.

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This 'Planning, People, Profit, Product, & Profile' BALANCE is unique to PGC.

The leading training tools and products employed are used by multinational and major Australian organisations, government bodies, leading business schools, education institutions and independent consultants. We use world class training tools and materials, with over 3 million users each year in USA alone!

Phil Gray Consulting can provide any organisation essential tools, training and consultation needed in order to experience accelerated success. We can help small community services or not-for-profits, to larger government departments, multinational corporations, and radio stations including media outlets or production houses.

You might be asking yourself - why the split focus? (people development / radio station consultation). A very good question. But it's really quite simple. You see, when the founding director loves developing people and seeing clients and their organisation achieve accelerated success, and has had a long successful (30+ years) career in radio, you have two key areas of speciality.

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