We offer executive mentoring as described and detailed below. These are often seen as the peak times of growth in the professionals work life. It's an invaluable investment into the life of any key member of your team.

In Greek mythology, Mentor was the close friend of Odysseus. Mentor was placed in charge of Odysseus? son Telemachus when Odysseus left to fight in the Trojan War. He was a wise and trusted counsellor and teacher. Today, the dictionary describes a "mentor? in much the same way.

What does the mentor do to positively impact the business or organisation?
Objective clarity to the strategic goals and mission of the organisation. Assisting in the ongoing engagement and retention of employees. Acting as a Corporate Chaplain. Executive Coaching would be a service that a mentor to provide to the organisation. Organisational and Cultural transformation, value and strategy.

There are three different types of mentor.

  1. A personal mentor
  2. A spiritual mentor
  3. A business or organisational mentor

What is the role of the mentor in the mentoring relationship?

What is the role of the protégé in the mentoring relationship?

What are the key differentiators with our mentoring program?

  1. Our program takes place over a 14 to 16 week period (5-6 Visits).
  2. Costs are agreed upfront, and can be budgeted for
  3. The mentoring program has greater impact in the short and medium term, with long term results
  4. The pathway is defined and structured thereby instilling confidence in achieving key objectives
  5. The program is multifaceted and tailored to each individual, whilst adhering to the overall methodology

What aspects are covered in the mentoring program?

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