We offer leadership and the workforce Coaching & Mentoring for professionals from a wide range of industries.

These are often seen as the peak times of growth in the professional's work life. It's an invaluable investment into the life of any key member of your team.

Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them*.

Our view is that coaching is building up relationships of trust, tapping a person's potential, creating commitment towards positive growth and executing their private and or corporate goals. As a coach of you or your team, we focus on helping people breakthrough from one level of performance to another. We help people gain greater awareness of their situation and help them reframe and creatively explore new and better ways to move forward.

Coaching is about finding and growing the potential of individuals to achieve goals important to them and to their organisation. Coaching is based on the assumption that everyone can grow and that everyone has potential to become someone better, regardless of the point of departure.**

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Mentoring - the word, originates from Greek mythology, in which it is reported that Odysseus, when setting out for Troy, entrusted his house and the education of his son Telemachus to his friend, Mentor. "Tell him all you know," Odysseus said, and thus unwittingly set some limits to mentoring.

We use the term 'Mentoring' interchangeably with 'Coaching' depending on our clients needs and its type of industry. However, mentoring is very different to coaching, because coaching is not dependent on a more experienced person passing down their knowledge – in fact, this undermines the building of self-belief which creates sustained performance. Coaching requires expertise in coaching, not in the subject (clients industry) at hand. Good coaching and leading, and good mentoring for that matter, can and should take a coachee beyond the limitations of the coach, leader, or mentor's own knowledge".

Executive Coaching & Mentoring is a service that our experienced and equipped team provide to many organisations. We provide objective clarity to the strategic goals and mission of the organisation. We are often called to assist in the ongoing engagement and retention of employees. Many times we find ourselves acting as a corporate chaplain, we provide organisational and cultural transformation, value and strategy. There are three different types of mentor. A personal mentor, a business or organisational mentor and a spiritual mentor.

Many ask what the role is of the coach and mentor in this special relationship? Broadly it is to impart wisdom and knowledge gained from experience, to be a trusted counsellor, someone that can keep the coachee accountable to their dreams and vision for the future, to provide guidance and objective direction with regards to the coachees life purpose.

We would coach and help develop the individuals strengths and passions, be an objective sounding board for ideas and issues, to make relevant networks and connections available to the client and to assist with development pathways and objectives. The Coach will develop the client coachee by asking many relevant questions, we will always be open, honest and trustworthy having many courageous conversations.

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*John Whitmore, Coaching for Performance, 5th edition. ** Michael K. Simpson, Unlocking Potential.