Below is a brief summary of revenue raising activities achieved through partnership with Phil Gray Consulting (PGC).

We are very confident we are in a strong position to help generate similar if not better returns for your investment into the growth of your radio station.

This can initially be done by conducting individual projects such as Sponsorship Sales Push's or On-Air Fundraising Appeals, or these types of projects can be part of our monthly long term ongoing consultation program called our
Accelerate Program
that has seen all our clients grow significantly.

Case Study 1 | City population 2.2 MIL (2015 – 2016)
PGC engages with new client to drive sponsorship sales and in the first four months of partnership helps sign up an additional $600,000 in sponsorship revenue. Client then joined our Accelerate Program.

PGC recommends and assists implementation of on-air line-up changes and product improvements along with profile raising initiatives to see an increase in audience despite significant changes at the radio station. PGC produces the stations most highly successful June on-air appeal setting new record earnings (21% increase over prior years appeal).

Case Study 2 | City population 26,000 / region population 49,000 (2016 - 2018)
First conducted on air appeal November 2016 raising $27,000 (new record for the station), PGC then produced and presented end of financial year appeal 2018 raising over $51,000 (best result ever). PGC booked in to conduct September Sales Push and November Radiothon 2018.

Case Study 3 | City population 280,000 (2016 - 2018)
Developed and implemented new strategy. Key stakeholder development and management. Management of divisional heads. Management of all income generation departments and their activities. Budget management (full P&L responsibilities). Management of programming activities. Managing ministry and community relations.

Some of the highlights during my 20 months with the client have included launching of new format and rebrand, moving the radio station to new facility, growing the radio stations revenue by 82% in the first year and seeing an increase in our listening audience grow by a massive 512% (McNair July 2012 to July 2018). Established annual fundraising & new name acquisition activities, increased levels of research, developed a new sales team, increased radio stations marketplace presence and profile, introduced live and local, interactive, personality driven programming to most key day parts.

Case Study 4 | City population 220,000 (2015 - 2016)
PGC engages with client (via Accelerate Program) and conducted and presented a highly successful Sales Push Campaign setting a new record of total sales in the one campaign. PGC also went on to produce the station?s most successful end of year appeal. PGC then produces the following year?s June Appeal generating in just one appeal 97% of total funds raised from donations in the entire prior year.

Case Study 5 | City population 620,000 (2014 - 2015)
PGC engages with client to substantially increase sponsorship sales; first two campaigns see more than $342,000 in annual bookings be secured. Client books a further three campaigns based on this initial success.

Case Study 6 | City population 155,000 (2014)
In the first 10 months of partnership (via the Accelerate Program) PGC guided and assisted leadership in developing and submitting the stations license renewal with the ACMA, relaunched the station with new format, then conducted two Sponsorship Sales Push campaigns, the result saw a 300%+ increase in sponsorship sales.

PGC produced and directed the stations June appeal, the result saw the station experience a 400% increase the number of donors that have engaged with the station and generating more than double the total revenue raised year on year.

Case Study 7 | City population 1.2MIL (2014)
PGC produces client station?s June appeal and raised 83% more than their previous year?s result. We also conducted the station?s first high profile 3 day sales push campaign in Sept 2014. Both campaigns collectively raised approximately $400,000. In 2015 this client joined our Accelerate Program.

PGC produced two effective Sales Push campaigns raising approximately $300,000 in annual sales and we also conducted a record breaking June appeal for the radio station.

Case Study 8 | City population 4.2MIL (2013)
Over the course of six months PGC produced a series of short small group presentations to approximately 160 businesses and sold over $1,400,000 in sponsorship sales.

Case Study 9 | City population 550,000 (2011-14)
Through PGC's Accelerate Program this station raised 67% more revenue in the station?s end of year appeal than their previous best ever result. PGC coordinated and presented a series of sponsorship Sales Push presentations over three days (Aug 2011) and raised $150,000. This represented more than half of the year's total sponsorship revenue at the time.

Six months later (Feb 2012) we coordinated and presented a series of five presentations on the single day and raised an impressive $140,000 sponsorship revenue. Three months later PGC presented another series of sponsorship Sales Push presentation over three days (May 2012) and raised $221,000 that represented more than half of the year's total sponsorship revenue. In 18 months PGC helped this station more than double their total revenue.

Case Study 10 | City population 175,000 (2012-14)
Through the Accelerate Program, PGC produced the station?s June appeal raising 132% more revenue than their previous best ever result. PGC also coordinated and presented a series of sponsorship sales push presentations over three days in June 2011 and raised approximately $110,000 sponsorship revenue.

Nine months later PGC conducted a 2nd sales push over three days and signed up $187,000 in sponsorship revenue. PGC also conducted this station?s June 2012, June 2013 and June 2014 appeals each raising over $100,000. In our first 18 months of partnership we helped this station generate a total of $586,000.

Case Study 11 | City population 110,000 (2012-14)
PGC developed and presented a series of sponsorship sales push presentations and on air appeals and has helped raise the performance and profile of the station. In 18 months we have more than tripled total revenue and tripled the station?s HR capacity.

Case Study 12 | City population 280,000 (2012-14)
With partnership with PGC relating to their June 2011 on-air fundraising appeal, PGC raised 473% more than their previous appeals results. PGC also conducted this stations following June appeals that raised over $200,000. PGC conducted two sales push campaigns inside six months and again raised over $200,000 in revenue for the station.

Case Study 13 | City Population 300,000 (2011)
PGC developed and presented a series of sponsorship sales push presentations over three days raised 42% more cash than their total annual sponsorship ever achieved.

Case study 14| City population 60,000 (2013-14)
With partnership from PGC over a two-year period, this country station has doubled it donor membership base, tripled the revenue from donations and doubled its total annual sponsorship cash. Total revenue increased by 70% in this short period of time.

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