PGC has demonstrated an outstanding success rate in dramatically improving operations and organisational performance, supporting employees as they improve their applied work skills, effectiveness and individual performance. Our clients grow all revenue streams and sustainability.

PGC has consulted to professionals from both commercial and community radio stations in Australia and New Zealand. Our team are all experts in their field, having run their own businesses or worked in high level management positions, which means we have encountered and understand many of the issues you face. Furthermore, we know what to do to eliminate or minimise the impact of these issues on your organisation. PGC has a personal understanding and knowledge of the challenges and opportunities that each station has regardless the size or location of the station.

Mike Brewer | CEO Rhema Media New Zealand

"Working with Phil Gray has been a pleasure, and his wealth of experience across media platforms gave insight into the [sales] presentations which added significant value to our to current and potential clients. Phil is a pleasure to work with and a skilled presenter, able to engage the audience and convey a valuable point within a great story. The [sales] presentations were well attended due to the thorough preparation and process beforehand, and this was assisted greatly with interaction [direction] from Phil. The results met our expectations so much so that we are now planning an additional series of presentations later in the year. [April 2016]

Robbie Parkin | Sales Manager 96five Family FM Brisbane Queensland

"I have had the opportunity and pleasure to have Phil Gray consult with us over the last year at 96five Brisbane, particularly using his skills in the sponsorship sales area. We have conducted two sales pushes with him at the helm during this time with much success both in immediate sales revenue and great relational building with both existing clients and the greater business community. A side benefit of these pushes is the drawing together of the sales team on one project. He really knows his stuff and is extremely good at keeping the whole team on track.

We have recently started his Accelerate Program and look forward to his input in other arears of the station as well, drawing on his vast experience right across all areas of broadcast media. Phil is a delight to work with and has the ability to come along side existing teams with precision, patience and passion. I recommend him to you without hesitation."
[Dec 2015]

Nathaniel Garvin | General Manager ultra 106five Hobart Tasmania

"We have just completed our first Sales Push with Phil Gray Consulting and I’m pleased to be able to report that it was a great success. Phil showed great flexibility in how he worked with my team and I, and we are more than satisfied with the twenty 12 month contracts [the highest number of contracts sold in a single sales campaign for ultra]. A sales push like this has the ability to create momentum for your sales team and change your financial outlook through a single initiative. I highly recommend Phil.”

Michael Chant | CEO 107.9 Life FM Adelaide South Australia

"Phil Gray of Phil Gray Consulting worked with 107.9 Life FM in Adelaide during this year’s Radiothon. Thanks to his efforts, we experienced a higher-than-normal response (65% more dollars than last year) from an increased number of donors (35% more). Excitingly, we also had our highest ever number of new donors participating (20% of the total). Phil’s prior preparation was outstanding, and his relationship with our team was truly effective. We were better off for his involvement. I highly recommend him to any station needing stimulus, input, encouragement or training." July 2014 [107.9 Life FM - Accelerate Program 2015]

Phil Galvin | General Manager, Darwin's 97 Seven NT Australia

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Phil Gray and the Accelerate Program to any station which find itself in need of assistance in any area of operation and I would be only too happy to chat with anyone wishing to have a personal conversation in relation to the service provided by Phil Gray consulting.

Phil knows both the Media and the Marketing industry inside out, but unlike many in this game, he maintains a level of integrity and professionalism that is both rare and refreshing. This honesty and integrity is evident in the way he conducts business, and his contact network reaches every area of need your business will ever require to succeed with any marketing program you commission Phil to conduct for you. I just encourage you to bite the bullet and JUST DO IT, get the wheels in motion with Phil Gray, you will not regret it!" [Darwin's 97 seven has just completed our Accelerate Program 2012 - 2015] Continue reading>>>

Paul Burnett | Station Manager 89.9 Light FM Melbourne VIC Australia

"It's my pleasure to provide the following reference for Phil Gray Consulting. The stations
I've worked for during the past 11 years have all benefited significantly from Phil's innovative approaches and compelling communication style, it's no wonder that PGC is the industry leader with their unique 'inability to settle for anything but excellence'.

This year PGC implemented several separate sales campaigns for us and again their design and implementation delivered that crucial difference between a mildly successful outcome and the outstanding results that were achieved!" Nov 2013.

Hayden Whitworth | CEO Juice 1073 Gold Coast QLD Australia

"The opportunity to work with Phil and have his input over the past 2.5 years has been invaluable to us. Since joining PGC's Accelerate Program, Phil's combination of drive and passion for what he does, along with his experience and knowledge has played a remarkable role in accelerating our organisation toward it's goals.

Phil delivers more than he's asked to, and genuinely invests himself in achieving the best possible outcomes for his clients. Personally, he has taught me a lot over the past few years and helped us at Juice 1073 generate some spectacular outcomes.

He knows how to listen, commits himself to your vision and will help you reach the sort of goals that often seem out of reach. Phil's Accelerate Program will return it's value to you many times over - if you want to grow, my only advice would be to give him a call and if he has room for you, grab the opportunity and go for it!" May 2014 [Juice 1073 has just completed our Accelerate Program 2012 - 2014]

Vicki Buchanan | General Manager 91.9 Fresh FM Gladstone QLD Australia.

"91.9 Fresh FM engaged Phil Gray Consulting (PGC) at the beginning of 2013, which turned out to be a massive year… with the completion of the new studio and office complex, relaunch as Fresh FM & [secure] broadcasting licence application as well as other major projects.

Without the help of PGC, the team at Fresh would not have managed to achieve our major projects as well as double our annual income, increase our member base by 50% nor triple our donor involvement. We owe a great deal to Phil for our past increases and look forward to our ongoing partnership". Jan 2014 [91.9 Fresh FM - Accelerate Program client 2013 - 2015]

John Marks | CEO 99.7 Rhema FM Newcastle NSW Australia.

"I am very pleased to provide this testimonial for Phil Gray of Phil Gray Consulting and his service provided during our sponsorship sales campaign push.

Phil's presentation, professionalism and execution and delivery of every aspect of the campaign was outstanding including his hands-on participation in the lead-up to the campaign and throughout the process.

Without question I would highly recommend Phil Gray to anyone who desires to see a marked improvement in advertising sales and certainly a fresh new approach the like of which I have not seen in 22 years of radio broadcasting.

Phil's presentation and approach to our valued clients and potential clients was second to none. He is both engaging and professional yet warm and friendly and portrayed the work of Rhema FM Newcastle in our community in an excellent light. His research and knowledge about our organisation was first class and this showed through his presentations. I highly commend to you Phil Gray Consulting." Oct 2013

Matt Balogh | General Manager, McNair Ingenuity Research, Sydney NSW Australia.

"It is exciting for not-for-profit media companies that Phil is now available as a consultant - he knows his stuff, is bursting with energy, and will unquestionably be able to assist your organisation."

Alister Armstrong | Managing Director, Lambert Village & Treasurer 104.9 Lime FM Mount Gambier South Australia.

"It is with much pleasure that I write this testimonial for you, as you know I have been involved with Phil Gray Consulting at both Lime FM and at Lambert Village (our mental health, Supported Residential Facility). In both cases you have been charged with change, which is always about people. Lime FM has seen a considerable turn around in style and is now much more relevant to our community, you have been able to present a clear vision for the station, which the board has grasped with 2 hands and run. When opposition has come you have been able to work through this and with patience, been able to maintain friends, (not made enemies). Our recent fund raising event was hugely successful.

You are also willing to challenge those of us who are involved in the station to improve performance and get the job done without upset. In relation to Lambert Village your presence and the StrengthsFinder program has knitted my team, made them look at where they are individually, both at work and personally with great results, I am looking forward to continuing this process and seeing the already obvious results flow into the continued prosperity of the business.

On a personnel level I have been challenged by you to develop my walk with God, have been shaken out of my comfort zone and am pursuing my life with new vigor, as I indicated recently you have offered value to both Lime FM and Lambert Village far above the monetary cost. I thank you sincerely for you contribution to my life." Oct 2012 [Lime FM was on our Accelerate Program]

Stephen Marshall | Chairman of the Board, 106five Rhema FM, Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia.

"I have known Phil for many years, reaching back to his Voice International, (now CVC Network) days here on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland (2001-2004). Phil's professionalism then was evident. Now, with his move to consulting, and our having worked with him on two on-air appeals so far, and a sales push to dramatically lift sponsorship revenue... His industry knowledge, personal drive, total focus on the job and most importantly, delivery of results, are very evident." [106five is on our Accelerate Program]

Wynand De Kock, Principal; Cheryl Osment, Executive Director of Operations | Tabor Victoria, Melbourne VIC Australia.

"Tabor Victoria participated in a Strengths Finder Workshop which was ably led by Phil Gray Consulting. I think it was a great day for our staff. It was both helpful and liberating to be encouraged to focus less on our weaknesses individually and corporately and to really celebrate and enhance our strengths. We look forward to implementing what we have learned as we move forward in our strength as an organisation, specialising in Transformative Education. We would encourage most any organisation to embark on a similar journey with Phil Gray Consulting."

Rick Broome | General Manager, 94.9 Rhema Central Coast NSW Australia.

"For some years we have struggled to establish a solid base of Sponsorship income. While recent initiatives, like the appointment of a new Sponsorship Consultant and the launching of some new packages had certainly helped, doubling our sponsorship income from 08-09 to 09-10, and almost doubling again from 09-10 to 10-11,we still felt we were under-performing in this area.

We engaged Phil Gray Consulting to guide us through a short intensive sales push, and they more than delivered. Phil guided us through each step of the process, and did a great job of presenting our case to the prospective sponsors. The end result was signing up sponsorships worth almost 150% of the previous whole financial years results, with the high probability of even more to come.

While there is certainly a significant amount of work involved in pulling this off, it has shown us what can be done, and has placed us in a great position, by equipping us with the needed skills and tools, to carry out similar efforts in the future. I would definitely recommend you call on Phil Gray Consulting to get your Sponsorship sales efforts out of the doldrums!"

Mitch Ryder | Mission Australia Regional Manager, Brisbane Qld Australia.

"After having dealt with numerous professional coach/mentors before it was quite refreshing not just to focus on things that I was struggling with or issues it was great to look at my strengths and the strengths of my peers to look at how I could interact and communicate better when working with my team. I found this approach made more sense and created a more positive energy and focus to my discussions with Phil. Phil quickly puts you at ease which is good to discuss some of those trickier topics. What Phil was also very clear about was what his role would be and how he could and could not assist. I found this framed the meetings and helped me stay on track to get the most out of our time together. His experience is astounding and it is not hard to see why he is in high demand."

Peter Mancell | Managing Director Mancell Financial Group, Burnie TAS Australia.

"Thank you to you and Justin for your presentation at the FYG Planners Conference held in Melbourne. Our advisers enjoyed being reminded of how important it is to distinguish listening from hearing and how essential it is to provide clear instructions and the value of providing clarity when questioning.

The key adviser feedback indicated that they learned that "listening is not just hearing?, "how important it is to be empathetic, not sympathetic?, "ensure that they are be interested not interesting? and to be "sure you give a clear message?. Thank you again for your most valuable session. Our adviser responses clearly indicate that you and Justin did get our people thinking about the issues we wanted pursued."

Ivan Green | General Manager 99.9 Live FM Townsville QLD Australia.

"We recruited Phil Gray Consulting to undertake a major Sales Push, and the results have been simply outstanding. We more than doubled our current revenue from sponsorship sales. We also recruited Phil to coordinate and produce our End of Financial Year Appeal, which proved to be a strategically advantageous and financially beneficial decision. It was our most successful campaign so far!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Phil Gray Consulting to any business, organization or ministry that is serious about making the changes that need to be made in order to move forward. It might seem overwhelming, but it is absolutely worth the investment. The ROI for both these revenue raising projects have been more than impressive and we look forward to further ongoing partnership [via Accelerate Program] with Phil Gray Consulting." [99.9 Live FM was on our Accelerate Program]

Deeann Natividad | Mission Australia Regional Manager QLD/NT Australia.

"I have found my mentoring experience with Phil Gray to be a journey of uncovering who I am and how I got to be this way. It helped me identify my strengths and how I can best use them to achieve more in my work and personal life. It was a challenging, at times difficult, experience but one that I would not change. It changed my way of thinking about myself and helped me let go of some things in my life that were holding me back. I am grateful I was able to have this experience and know that I will take these learnings forward with me and become more intentional in my life, both at work and at home."

Nathan Brown | CEO Christian Media Australia, (formally Dunham & Company) Sydney NSW Australia.

"Phil is one of the most driven people I know. I am not sure if the word "can't" is in his vocabulary! I can categorically say that I have not yet come across a CEO to rival Phil's drive and calculated risk taking that made him such a successful fundraiser. Any organisation, especially in the not-for-profit sector would benefit from Phil's drive, enthusiasm and most importantly his trustworthy character. I must say that working with Phil never feels like work. It's a partnership in achieving the vision!"

Paul Amos | Managing Director, Xtra Research; Formally Entertainment Strategy Programming (ESP Media) Brisbane QLD Australia.

"Phil is always committed to whatever role and responsibility he takes on. His passion and leadership combined with a willingness to constantly improve and learn has made him an important asset in the teams he has led."

Matt Bodman | Operations Manager, Australian Christian Channel Sunshine Coast QLD Australia.

"I worked with Phil for about 5 years from 2001. Phil brought to his role at CVC a wealth of leadership and industry experience which was sorely needed at the time. Phil's commitment to excellence and his personal drive and passion resulted in much positive change during his time at CVC. Phil is one of only a couple of people I have had the privilege of working with who has such a thirst for moving forward. Not a moment went by when Phil didn't try and better the organisation and those he worked with. I recommend him without hesitation to anybody whose organisation needs energising."

Philip Hunt | Former National Director of World Vision Australia & Board member of 89.9 Light FM VIC Australia.

"Phil is a dynamic, task-oriented person who makes things happen! He is a master networker and deal-maker. He is an idea-creator and an enthusiastic communicator. Under his leadership, Light-FM was transformed in many good ways."

David Curtis
| General Manager, Parachute Music, Auckland NZ.

"Phil understood the value of partnership and worked to ensure a win win outcome in all dealings. He understood the synergistic nature of the relationship between our two organisations (Parachute Music & Rhema Broadcasting Group) and worked hard to ensure both benefited from the strategic relationship we had."

David Turrell | Former CEO, Christian Media Australia, Adelaide South Australia.

"Phil is a solid and reliable professional. I have worked with Phil on a number of projects and have been impressed with his tenacity and skill in dealing with issues that are both complex and demanding."

Jarrod Graetz | Station Manager 89.9 Light FM Melbourne VIC Australia.

"Phil is a radio genius who has his finger on the pulse 24/7. He is an outstanding leader and a true visionary. I've dealt with Phil while at Stripe ( Sydney) where I was GM, and at Hope 103.2 (Sydney) in a programming capacity. Phil's professionalism and drive have always greatly impressed me and I have no hesitation at all in recommending him."

Leadership & Workforce Development | Broadcast Media (Radio) Consultation