Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®(MBTI®)

Myer Briggs Testing logoThe MBTI® self-report questionnaires and training tools are designed to help make psychological types understandable and useful in everyday life. Introducing Myer Briggs Type Indicator.

The MBTI® results identify valuable differences between people, differences that can be the source of much misunderstanding and miss-communication.

MBTI intro brochure What are psychometric tools?

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator profiling tool will help you to appreciate and understand people who differ from you, through improving communication, building relationships and networking, and how to present your business to clients by identifying their motivation. As a result you will be able to present how your business will benefit them in a way they will understand.

Combining our guidance and training with this powerful tool, you will also identify your unique gifts. The information enhances understanding of yourself, your motivations, your natural strengths, and your potential areas of growth.

Find out your 4 letter personality profile today! Discover the careers that are best suited for you, gain insight into your personality type and learn about your business and leadership style. Understanding your MBTI® type is self-affirming and encourages cooperation with other people in every part of your life.

Developed in the 1940's by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, the MBTI® instrument was created to make Carl Jung's theory of human personality understandable and useful in everyday life.

Your customised report will assist your team in the following areas:Organisational development, Team building, Management & leadership training, Sales development & growth, Career planning, Goal setting, Making decisions, Problem solving, Time management.

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