In radio, it is invaluable to have an experienced Radio Station Consultant work along side of you and your team.

Our team of consultants have worked in most every area within a radio station environment and are well experienced in the everyday challenges and frustrations you face, coupled with the pressures of continually building your brand and marketplace presence, while improving quality of product and the stations profits. We understand the task is enormous.

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At Phil Gray Consulting we bring a wealth of media industry knowledge (broadcast media - radio), consultants who have the ability to help you further develop your product, systems and processes. We can also fine tune your sales and marketing strategies and so much more.

This invaluable industry consultation is complemented and compounded as we can also focus on your people (leadership & workforce development), we spend the much needed time building the team dynamic within your media organisation, in addition to other radio training workshops and projects we can conduct for your station.

We also conduct specific short term projects that can range from on-air fundraising appeals, to sales push campaigns to a complete station re-launch. Our team of associates are all experts in the areas of broadcast media [radio], leadership and workforce development; executive mentoring; business development and strategy; marketing and communications; counselling and life coaching.

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