Phil Gray Consulting (PGC) helps you Achieve Accelerated Success through these two key areas:

Executive mentoring, leadership & staff training
SUCCESS - "You become what you think about" Earl Nightingale
You and the team like to DISCOVER YOUR STRENGTHS?
Success involves MANY INGREDIENTS. Need help with one?
Why RISK it? Need HELP? WE are just a phone call away!
Broadcast Media - Radio Consultation
Stay connected with listeners and generate more revenue.
Always BETTER DAYS ahead with help from PGC.
Learn how to CATCH MORE FISH (clients & listeners)
Everyone can have ACCELERATED SUCCESS... if they want it.

People Development: Leadership & workforce development, leadership training & mentoring, staff training relevant to all industries, featuring over 100 themed one to three day HR soft skill workshops. Read more Radio Station Consultation: Radio station consultants developing & assisting the implementation of our clients strategic Plans, mentoring People, growing Profitability, improving Product & raising the stations Profile. Read more

Our company provides a holistic approach which develops each department and integrates across the entire organisation, positively impacting the entire business. PGC offers consultation to a wide range of industries (from broadcast media, mining and construction, to health and business development, for government bodies and both commercial and not-for-profit corporations).

PGC has demonstrated an outstanding success rate in dramatically improving operations and organisational performance, supporting employees as they improve their applied work skills, effectiveness and individual performance. Our services bring together highly experienced consultants, the latest research and world class learning and capability development strategies. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional, personalised solutions for our clients.

Leadership & Workforce Development | Radio Station Consultation